Why is Pre-planning?


My Story - Jay Lee

    Funeral Angels give you all the information about the funeral plan.
I been funeral business for 14 years, I'd like to help you with expertise and counseling. All funeral counselors who work in our company have no direct connection with the funeral home and cemetery companies, so we can offer you an accurate and objective consultation. I'll give you the funeral home and the cemetery information and pricing. Funeral home in the United States takes full responsibility for the funeral service, because funeral workers work with all the processes from beginning to end. If you prepare for the funeral arrangements, you will be able to prepare for the time and money. If you prepare funeral plan before time of your death. You can save a lot of time and money. Most of the people who lack the general knowledge of funeral expenses have to rely solely on the inaccurate information of the dead, in the midst of the grief that many people have to leave their loved ones. And you have to make a lot of time and decisions between burial and cremation or 1day and 2days service.  Usually, you have to make more than 50 decisions less than 3 to 5 days. The remaining families will not spend a lot of time deciding if you leave the funeral plan and the funeral records behind. And all of the funeral arrangements will proceed according to the predetermined procedure. Many people still believe that the remaining families need to know how take care their love one funeral service. Most of the people who don't know whether they're going to bury or cremation. Funeral arrangements are the last consideration for the remaining family members and the healing act. Many people who finish funeral plan and funeral arrangements have received peace of mind. Many of you wrote the last letter to your family. If someone read the letter during the funeral ceramonies, you will offer a great comfort, joy, memory, and healing to your remaining family. Call now and receive a consultation. If you don't make a decision now, you may miss the forever. We're going to make a funeral plan for you.
The wedding can be done twice, but only one funeral is allowed. In other words, funeral processions had never experienced much in their lifetime. So it's hard to actually compare the price of the funeral home with the exact price of the funeral home. Based on your experiences, I will share with you the expertise of expert knowledge and funeral prices. If you prepare a funeral plan now, I'll show you how much you can save in a lot of ways. We're going to give you a emergency card that's useful for everyone who gets counseling. Also, I will give you a brochure that will guide you through all the documents and procedures before you die. All counseling is free. Free brochures and emergency cards will be provided for free.
If you happen to have an emergency on the road or when you are alone, someone should contact next of kin. All people use mobile phones now a day, and all information and contacts are put on the phone, so all information is block when the phone is locked. Then the emergency cards are useful.
Please contact us if you wish to learn about funeral plan. We offer a complimentary education for the funeral plan.
Now, everyone who works with 50 or older people can learn to do this and raise their extra income.
Those who work on Medicare Health Insurance can earn extra income while learning about it.
Be a professional funeral counselor feel good about yourself and make extra money. I don't think there are many jobs that make you feel rewarded while earning money.
Contact us to find out if you qualify now. (310) 908-8823 Jay/ (213) 820-6838 Andy  

The Urgency of Planning Your Own Funeral

At the TIme of Death


  • If your loved one has passed away, 
  • At Home… Call 911 and contact his/her doctor or hospice care (if involved) to notify them on a home death. 
  • At the Hospital… The Next-of-Kin (or Health Care Agent) or a doctor needs to sign on the Body Release Form. 
  • If it was accidental death… Receive a report from Sheriff Dept or Police Dept or Coroner (#5 Form). 
  • There will be more than 60 things which MUST be done before the funeral service...
  • Select Funeral Home...Meet with Funeral Director...Provide information for Death Certificate...(Name, Home Address, Phone, How long in the country, Name of Business, Occupation & Title, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Father’s Name, Father’s Birthplace, Mother’s Maiden Name, Mother’s Birthplace, Marital Status, Years of Education)...  
  • What Funeral Services and Where? Who needs to be called? Who will be the Speaker? Who will play/sing music?
  • If Burial...Which Casket? Metal or Vaneer or Wood?, which Flowers? What Music? Obituary? Clothing? Jewelry? Glasses? Cosmetizing & Hair Style? Memorial Items? Pictures & Video Clips? Clergy, Family, Friends? Pallbearers? Cemetery Space: Lot or Mausoleum? Outer Burial Vault? Marker: Marble or Bronze? Inscription on Marker? 
  • If Cremation...Which Urn? Niche Wall or Direct Cremation?  Scattering Where?  Keepsakes for each child?
  • If a Veteran...Branch of Service, Serial Number, Date & Place of Induction, Date & Place of Discharge, Discharge Paper (DD214), Highest Rank, Medals, Honors, Citations, 
  • Collect Documents...Preneed Funeral Documents, Cemetery Deed, Veteran Certificate, Will,  Birth Certificate (Legal Proof of Age),  Social Security Card, Marriage License, Citizenship Papers, Life Insurance Policies, Medical Bills, Bank Books,  Deeds of Properties,  Disability and Pension Claims, more & more...

Why Preplan?


  Losing someone you love is very painful and difficult. If you’re like most people, you don’t even want to think about your funeral…   

But the truth is that one day, your family and friends will need to make decisions about your funeral. And these decisions will need to be made quickly, during a very highly emotional time.   

By simply taking the time today to pre-plan your funeral, you will:   

1. Greatly reduce stress and indecision for your family, and first of all, give them “Peace of Mind” on your funeral…   

2. Feel confident about your wishes, and your service will reflect the life you’ve lived and the way you would like it celebrated and remembered…   

3. Eliminate the emotional overspending of your loved ones. Your funeral costs will be locked in as of today’s funeral prices, guaranteed from local funeral homes.   

Why Prefund?   

Funeral prices, like almost any products or services, increase over time every year. 

By prefunding today, you can be assured that the money will be there to help cover tomorrow’s funeral costs and prevent the financial burdens on those close to you. Handling those expenses of your funeral can be extremely stressful and even a hardship on our family.   

There are a variety of prefunding options available. We would welcome the opportunity to help you determine which one best meets your needs.   

By prefunding your prearranged funeral, you and your family can be secure that the money will be there to pay for your final ceremony you design.   

A Complimentary Pre-planning Guide and 

Free Emergency Contact Card are available 

upon your request…  

Pre-planning is a decision only you can make;

Make an appointment today.  

(310) 908-8823 Jay/ (213) 820-6838 Andy

Pre-need Funeral Packages


  ***Funeral Services & Goods can vary 

by Your Local Funeral Homes***  

*** Monthly Payments Below are related to "TRUST" Contracts, 

Not Pre-need Insurance. 

All Preneed Funeral Packages EXCEPT 

Cremation Package "D" include...

(1) Basic Services of Funeral Director & Staff

(2) Funeral and/or Graveside Services...


  • Funeral/Graveside Services for 2 Days 

• Package Price starting at $7,500  

• Casket ($3,000) included 

• Outer Vault ($650) included 

• Marker (16” x 28”, $650)) included  


  • Funeral/Graveside Services for 2 Days 

• Package Price starting at $6,000 

• Casket ($2,500) included 

• Marker (16” x 28”, $650)) included  


  • Funeral/Graveside Services for 1 Day 

• Package Price starting at $4,800  

• Casket ($1,400) included  



  • Graveside Services included 

• Package Price starting at $3,000 

 • Casket ($1,200) included  


  • Funeral/Graveside Services for 2 Days 

• Package Price starting at $6,000  

• Casket ($2,000) & Urn ($500) Included 


  • Funeral/Graveside Services for 1 Day 

• Package Price starting at $4,800 

• Casket ($1,800) & Urn ($200) included


  • Funeral/Graveside Services for 1 Day 

• Package Price starting at $3,600 

• Rental Casket ($900) & Urn ($200) included 



  • Package Price starting at $1,200 

• Urn ($200) included 


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